About Us

Our Guarantee

It is the goal of the inspection to put a client in a better position to make a real estate decision. Property conditions change with time and use, and a real estate inspection helps to reduce some of the risk involved in purchasing property.  Some reported items may be considered life-safety upgrades to the property.

Focusing on the Following Key Points
  • Is the home safe to live in ?
  • Is everything operational at the time of the inspection, or
  • Should small things be repaired or replaced NOW to prevent large expenses in the future?
  • Are there deficiencies or signs of potential failure?
  • Are current building standards utilized?

We Work For You

We are impartial and work only for you. Our job is to provide you with a comprehensive, independent, and objective evaluation so that you can understand and take care of your investment. Your interests are our interests before, during, and after the inspection.