Tip of the Day


Garbage (food waste) disposals are popular kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, many homeowners are not well informed on how to use them. It is essential that the disposal’s grinding chamber be flushed with water after each use. Decaying food particles not flushed from the grinding chamber can form acids that can eat away the die cast “pot” metal found in the case of many lower cost disposals. Some manufacturers also recommend the occasional grinding of ice cubes in the disposal.


Modern residential construction can be too tight, creating living environments that can become stale or, in extreme conditions, can become toxic. During holidays, when cooking will take place for much of the day, cooking with a gas range can elevate moisture and Carbon Monoxide to dangerous levels. Refresh the air in your home by opening doors and windows every day.


ATTIC VENTILATION:  The space between the ceiling and the roof covering is called the Attic.  With pitched roof designs, attics can usually be viewed and can sometimes be entered. Low-sloped roof designs generally do not provide access to the attic. Regardless of the slope or design of the roof, constant ventilation should be provided to the attic. Proper attic ventilation will extend the life of the roof covering materials, and will improve the efficiency of the cooling equipment on hot summer days.