Misconceptions about Home Inspections

Considering that a home purchase is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, it’s smart to enlist the help of a professional home inspector prior to buying a property. However, many buyers aren’t aware of what to expect from the inspection and what to do with the results.

To separate fact from fiction,  misconceptions about home inspections will be discussed, beginning with the idea that all home inspectors and inspections are the same. 

The truth is that only 35 states currently regulate the home inspection industry and require licenses.  and New Mexico is one of the 15 states that does not currently regulate the home inspection industry.  There is a huge variation in the type of inspection you will get from each company or inspector.  Comparing inspectors and companies can be difficult, but you must perform your own due diligence for your protection.  You should begin by choosing an inspector that is certified with a national inspector organization like ASHI.